Halima Gimbiyar Mambilla Foundation (HGMF)

About HGMF

Halima Gimbiyar Mambilla Foundation (HGMF) is a distinguished non-governmental organization established in 2018 with a resolute commitment to alleviating poverty and mitigating hardships prevalent in our society. Named after its visionary founder, Halima Gimbiyar Mambilla, the foundation has emerged as a beacon of hope, fostering transformative change and empowering individuals for a brighter future.

How we work






About Founder

She is an award winning Humanitarian activist with over 15+ years of service as a humanitarian both in the public and private sectors respectively. She is dedicated to public service and proffering humanitarian aid in the advent of disasters, emergencies, and unprecedented events. Dr Halima Yakubu Pariya, has recoded many achievements in the area of humanitarian such as awarding scholarship to the less privileged at various levels, providing social and community aid to reduce the poverty level in our society, organized several free medical outreaches, organized sports competition among different communities for peace building, organized workshops and seminars in order to create awareness how to harness our immediate resources for better living and many more. She hold number traditional tittles such as Gimbiyar Mambilla, Zinariyar Gashaka, Gimbiyar Nguroje, and Sarauniyar Daware. She hold different Chief Executive Officer Halima Gimbiyar Mambilla Foundation Chairlady Amafab Oil and Gas Services Nigeria LTD Chief Executive Officer Amafab Transportation Chairlady Haumart Table Water She obtained several awards which includes Doctor of Philosophy Estam University, Benin Republic Humanitarian Award National Association of Northern Nigerian Student Recognized for the benevolent altruism to the societal growth by Association of Mobile phones and allied product traders in Nigeria.

Dr Halima Yakubu Pariya